Into the forest
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241 p. ; 23 cm
Eva, eighteen, and Nell, seventeen, are sisters, adolescents on the treshold of womanhood- and for them anything should be possible. But suddenly their lives are turned upside down, their dreams pushed into the shadows, as sickness and anarchy rage across a country on the brink of collapse. In a time of suspicion and superstition, of anger, hunger and fear, Eva and Nell are left to forage throught the forest, and their past, for the keys to survival. They must blaze a new path into the future as pionneers and pilgrims - not only creatures of the new world but creators of it. Gripping and unforgettable, Into the forest is a passionate and poigant tale of stirring sensuality and profound inspiration - a novel that will move you and surprise you and touch you to the core.


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